Company Profile

MBDA, a world leader in missiles and missile systems, is a multinational group with 10,000 employees at industrial facilities in France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Spain and the United States. MBDA has three major aeronautical and defence shareholders - BAE Systems (37.5%), Airbus Group (37.5%) and Finmeccanica (25%), and is the first truly integrated European defence company. In 2011, the Group recorded a turnover of €3 billion, produced about 3,000 missiles and achieved an order book of €10.5 billion. New orders came to €2.6 billion. MBDA works with over 90 armed forces worldwide.Ownership structure


MBDA was created in December 2001, after the merger of the main missile producers in France, Italy and Great Britain. Each of these companies contributed the experience gained from fifty years of technological and operational success. The restructuring of the industry in Europe was completed with the acquisition of the German subsidiary EADS/LFK in March 2006. This further enriched MBDA’s range of technologies and products, consolidating the Group’s world-leading position in the industry.

MBDA is the only Group capable of designing and producing missiles and missile systems to meet the whole range of current and future operational requirements for the three armed forces (army, navy, air force). Overall, the Group offers a range of 45 products in service and another 15 in development.

MBDA has demonstrated its ability to bring together the best skills across the whole of Europe, and has succeeded in becoming the prime contractor for a series of strategic multinational programmes. These include the six-nation Meteor air superiority weapon, the Franco-British conventionally armed cruise missile, Storm Shadow/SCALP, and a family of air defence systems based on the Aster missile for France and Italy (for ground and naval based air defence) and for the UK (naval air defence for the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyers).

Other programmes such as MEADS further serve to position MBDA at the heart of the European defence sector as well as establishing cooperative transatlantic links with the principal groups in the US defence industry.

In parallel to these large cooperative programmes, MBDA’s name is inseparable from a number of systems which have strengthened its reputation as an unrivalled leader. The MILAN anti-armour weapon has been supplied to over 40 countries in the world and the Exocet anti-ship missile, in its surface, submarine and air-launched variants, represents the main naval superiority weapon of navies throughout the world.

The UK has three sites, Stevenage where research and development takes place, Bristol which is the software and systems engineering site and Lostock which is the UK production site.

MBDA UK Limited, registration number 3144919, whose registered address is at Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2DA, England