Company Behavioural Competencies

Our Behavioural Competencies:

Striving for Results

  • Forward Thinking
    Having a clear understanding of the context and relationships between different elements of the business: both internal and external to MBDA. The ability to balance long-term direction and global ambitions of the company with short-term imperatives. Understanding the implications for own role and for team, or department and using this to define organisational direction. Includes determining priorities and reviewing these regularly.
  • Results Orientation
    The drive to meet or exceed stretching performance objectives and quality standards, deliver business results, search continually for innovations which will benefit the business and find sustainable improvements to methods and processes.
  • Initiative
    Taking timely action to create, or seize, opportunities or to avoid potential problems, based on a clear understanding of the current and future needs of the business and its internal and external customers.
  • Courage and Conviction
    Having conviction in one’s own view of what is good for the business.  The confidence to challenge the thinking of others and the status quo, speaking up, “walking the walk”, even when it is difficult to do so.  Includes the propensity for individuals to take calculated personal risks on occasions when they believe that these are necessary for the good of the business.

Managing Environments

  • Cultural Sensitivity
    Considering and seeking to understand national and organisational cultures with a view to using that knowledge positively in one’s actions. It includes taking an active interest in the ways that other people and organisations operate in order to understand how best to interact with them to achieve the best results.
  • Adaptability
    Continuing to perform in changing and/or culturally different environments.  It is shown in the ability to willingly adapt one’s own behaviour and readily adopt new approaches according to the requirements of each specific situation. This includes being prepared to change one’s approach in light of significantly new circumstances to ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved.

Forging Partnerships

  • Influence
    Convincing others, either directly or using appropriate third parties, in order to gain their commitment to ideas, projects or actions that are in the company’s interest. This includes adapting one’s style to meet the needs of the audience.
  • Working Together
    Fostering collaboration, displaying openness and establishing trust with others throughout the organisation in order to reach, or exceed, common goals and objectives.  It includes the exchange of information that will be useful for improving performance and taking actions that will contribute to the building of a cohesive team. In the context of multicultural teams, Cultural Sensitivity is a prerequisite.
  • Managing External Relationships
    Working closely with external stakeholders, for example customers and suppliers, to develop mutually profitable, long-term relationships. Establishing good communication, including a dialogue, to understand their needs and constraints as well as effectively conveying MBDA’s own position.

Creating Sustained Commitment

  • Team Leadership
    Giving direction to, organising and energising a team for which one is responsible so that it achieves its common goal.  In relation to team members, this includes giving information, clarifying objectives, allocating responsibilities and providing encouragement. With regard to the organisation, leadership includes promoting the team and ensuring that it has the right structure, skills, competencies and resources.
  • Developing Others
    Building individual and organisational capability by developing the behavioural competencies and technical knowledge of others. Includes reviewing development needs, on a regular basis, with individuals (not just as part of the One to One process), coaching them, arranging assignments and delegating responsibilities for developmental purposes and other supporting activities.
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