Corporate Responsibility

The Corporate Responsibility function (CR) helps MBDA respond to an increasingly complex business landscape.  This landscape involves multiple stakeholders each with their own expectations beyond simply delivering products and services profitably. 

To meet these expectations it is necessary to: measure and manage our social and environmental performance; seek external certification of key activities; to implement actions and projects to improve our sustainability and to be transparent about the results.

Corporate Responsibility


Ethics & Compliance
The Code of Ethics is the cornerstone of our Integrity Programme. It sets out the ethical principles all of us are expected to follow, regardless of location or role. These principles are not new, but are a more comprehensive version of the statements previously set out in various documents.

The Code of Ethics is based upon the three following general principles:

  • Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • Commitment to Integrity
  • Seeking guidance and reporting concerns

Supporting Communites
Charities, schools and not-for-profit organisations make a hugely valuable contribution to society. MBDA UK has been involved with a programme called Charity Challenge for several years. The programme encourages employees to participate in fundraising as well as hands-on volunteer work for local charities. Each year a different local charity is chosen in order that we support as many local community projects as possible. As well as helping local charities we feel that MBDA's involvement in the community creates a positive image of the company and see that involvement as an ethical obligation of a major local employer such as ourselves.

Environmental Sustainability
As a business, environmental management is affecting us in several different ways. We have to maintain compliance with the complexity of environmental legislation, improve our environmental performance in areas such as waste management and energy efficiency and even use an environmental design philosophy for our products to minimise the use of hazardous substances, design for disposal, and meet customer requirements.

The importance of environmental management will only continue to grow over the coming years. A proactive approach to managing the environment now is essential if we are to maintain legal compliance, improve environmental performance and stay ahead of forthcoming environmental constraints. As such environmental issues are taken very seriously and we have a team dedicated to seeking ways to constantly improve our impact on the environment.

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