Our Culture

  • We have a "can do" attitude, we feel supported, empowered and motivated to act without fear of failure or undue interference and we act with positive intent and presume this attitude in others knowing that the right outcomes matters
  • We inspire through our inquisitive, curious and innovative nature encouraging creativity to flourish and through taking balanced risks, deliver simple solutions to complex problems.
  • We work together in teams honestly sharing issues, making informed decisions, overcoming challenges, tackling risks and maximising opportunities and by using our knowledge and experience succeed.
  • We deliver our promises, going the extra mile when its needed, to honour our commitments to our customers - when they succeed we succeed.
  • We value people’s contribution, fostering a strong work/leisure balance, thanking and respecting them for their relentless passion, energy and commitment to delivering what they do.
  • We strive for personal growth, challenging and stretching our skills, and by endeavouring to provide our people with the same access to career and development opportunities support them to fulfil their potential.
  • We are proud of our people, encouraging involvement in the communities in which we live, for engaging and giving something back, knowing our company really matters because our products keep our country safe.
MBDA UK Limited, registration number 3144919, whose registered address is at Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2DA, England