Working in International Teams

MBDA is the most integrated large European company in the Defence sector with a single management and operating structure with extensive experience of international programmes.

The nature and complexity of a large number of MBDA business activities are such that they require interaction between employees of different nationalities, with differing native languages. Not only are there many multinational working groups in every area of activity, but increasingly, a lot of the product design, development and production processes span the respective operating companies of MBDA.

The setting up of an integrated organisation and the project management of multinational programmes has resulted in personnel movement, interaction and collaborations between European colleagues of various nationalities (British, French, Italian and German).

Working effectively across cultures is a key competency for all MBDA employees. Appreciating that individuals from different cultural backgrounds have different cultural norms, practices and expectations is vital for MBDA success in international business. 

MBDA, as global player in missile and missile systems market sector, values employees who have a positive attitude, are good team players, are flexible, have an open mind and open views, demonstrate commitment, appreciate and respect cultural differences, embrace cultural diversity and recognise the importance of appropriate behaviours in foreign interactions.

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