Operations Directorate

Manufacturing - UK

As an integral part of the Operations Directorate the principal mission of Manufacturing UK is to ensure that MBDA deliverable commitments are met in terms of time, cost & quality by the application of Manufacturing expertise and capability throughout the entire lifecycle and supply chain of the product. Supporting goals and aims are:

  • To underpin the MBDA role of Prime Contractor through appropriate retention of manufacturing knowledge & capability in order to sustain intelligent customer status thereby optimising the level of risk exposure through third party engagement.
  • To extend manufacturing philosophies and industrial expertise in support of continuing development of a sympathetic supplier base  
  • To ensure optimum flexibility, agility and responsiveness of all manufacturing resources (men, machines, facilities & equipments), their capabilities  and manufacturing architectures in pursuit of the primary mission at all levels of activity, across all disciplines within each product lifecycle phase i.e. Bidding, R&D manufacture, Production & In-service support / Disposal
    · PEC & Cable manufacture & test
    · Sub-systems assembly & test
    · Inert & Live missile integration & test
    · Calibration & Maintenance
    · Manufacturing Engineering, Manufacturing Systems Design
    · Manufacturing Project Management
    · Manufacturing Logistics Management and Manufacturing Operations
  • To ensure that all submitted bids are realisable from a manufacturing viewpoint i.e. proposed manufacturing architectures (incl. supply chain), processes & capabilities, delivery schedules, resource allocation & costs.
  • To ensure emerging designs are producible and to develop appropriate manufacturing architectures & processes in order to meet development and production programme deliverable requirements. Also, to demonstrate convergence of both product and manufacturing process risk and maturity to satisfy expected production delivery schedules, quality and costs. 
  • To develop manufacturing methods and architectures compatible with emerging product and process technologies and concepts e.g. increased sub-system modularity and re-use, evolution through technology insertion within and across product families
  • To maintain responsiveness to changing customer demands throughout the product lifecycle through deployment of flexibility & agility of manufacturing resources, facilities and architectures with particular emphasis on in-service support to all UK HMG Services (e.g. UORs and/or surge demand)
  • To ensure recognition of manufacturing excellence within the customer community base

Mechanical Engineering

The primary missions of the Mechanical Engineering function are to:
Develop, design and support the following mechanical aspects throughout their life cycle in order to meet the required timescales and cost with optimised performance for all current and future MBDA projects:

  • Physical missile & systems products design and configuration control,
  • Missile mechanical airframe,
  • Mechanical, electromechanical, and (small) pyrotechnic sub-systems,
  • Manage in-house associated engineering centres of excellence.
  • Prepare for the future by implementing a strategic approach to innovation, technology, modularity, skills and investment accross MBDA.

Electronic Engineering

The Electronic Engineering function manages the design and delivery of high technology electronic products for our projects. 

Our expertise includes:

  • On board missile equipment such a Weapon Controllers, Fin Actuators, Safety Systems and Data Links
  • Firing control units for land, naval and airborne platforms
  • Automatic Test Equipment
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Training Simulators
  • Countermeasures equipment

We are an international, integrated function with our partners in France. This gives our engineers extensive and exciting opportunities to work on international projects, sharing expertise and taking opportunities for short or medium term secondments.

We are looking for Engineers who relish solving challenging problems within tight timescales and budgets for our demanding projects.  Our engineers will work internationally and have the passion to work for MBDA, the number one European missile company. We are looking for all levels of Electronic Engineer, across a wide range of electronics disciplines including technical leadership and Electronics Project Management.

If you are stimulated by the thought of being part of our future then why not get in touch and explore the opportunities we have.

MBDA UK Limited, registration number 3144919, whose registered address is at Six Hills Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2DA, England