Business & Performance

Within our programmes, the B&P Directorate has accountability for centrally supervising the business part of the Programmes. It performs a variety of functions including:

  • Acting as the central hub for project management, project control and commercial/contract management support 
  • Centrally managing the corresponding skills and maintaining the overall consistency of business and project management processes
  • Ensuring that all projects have adequate controls in place in terms of resourced schedules, work breakdown structure, work package descriptions and cost collection systems. And monitoring and collating the internal and external reports of project performance against these topics
  • Supporting budget achievement by proposing adequate measures to balance risks and opportunities
  • Co-ordinating each sector's business plan targets 
  • Ensuring that all bids for new work are established in accordance with company processes 
  • Managing the project and commercial interfaces with the customer 
  • Establishing and maintaining an overall workload forecast 

Export Contract Management

This team ensure our business interests are safeguarded through the contract execution phase of the programmes, mitigating commercial risks and potential customer claims/disputes and maximising profitability by devising appropriate strategies for the resolution of disputes.

They participate in the establishment of the formal contract documentation with all export customers, ensuring the commercial efficacy of bids and proposals and providing a repository for all formal correspondence with the customer. 

Customer Support and Services

Customer Support & Services (CSS) has overall responsibility for the definition, development and delivery of support and service packages for all MBDA products, with the aim of continually being able to meet the most demanding of our customers’ requirements. This includes:

  • Developing and implementing affordable and innovative support solutions covering the entire range of prime equipment as well as the support equipment, training, documentation, test benches and simulators required.  This is under the control of the ILS Manager who is supported by a range of skills including supportability analysts, logistics modellers, technical authors and trainers.
  • Maintaining through life the product support policy for the MBDA product portfolio, up to and including disposal/de-militarisation.
  • Providing all required support services to our Customers for our in-service products, including ensuring that availability levels are maintained, technical assistance is provided as required, and modifications and mid-life updates are managed and implemented.  This is under the control of the Product Support Manager, who is supported by a range of skills including Field Service Engineers, trainers, fleet planners, asset managers and support engineers.

Project Management Office

The main responsibilities of the Project Management Office are:

  • Providing project control support to the projects
  • Establishing and maintaining the processes, guides, forms and templates required to manage projects, contracts and programmes
  • Establishing and maintaining an overall workload forecast data base
  • Developing and continuously improving a coherent set of tools and processes to enable the efficient management of schedule and cost and to enable consistent reporting across projects
  • Providing training for programme management, project management (including work package management) and project control

Project Business & Performance Management

In summary the key responsibilities are:

  • Coordinate and lead the activities of the Project Business Team(s) within each sector 
  • Provide project management and costings expertise 
  • Prepare the annual and five year business plan targets at an overall programme level 
  • Report project progress and performance against all aspects of the contract 
  • Ensure compliance with contractual aspects, producing the formal reports required by the contracts and developing and maintaining customer satisfaction 
  • Manage the formal delivery and acceptance of contract deliverables to the customer 
  • Support Sales & Business Development in the acquisition of new business by taking a lead role within the programme directorates for any bids 
  • Support the Sector Heads and Programme Directors in pursuing opportunities to grow the existing business 
  • Support the definition of the future order scenario for work load forecasting. Establish and maintain the project work load forecast against the scenario detailing the forward requirement for skills to maintain the project schedule for current contracts and for future possible contracts

Project Business Team

The Project Business Team supports the Head of Project/Chief Engineer by providing a focus on the business activities and contributing on a day-to-day basis to the project when dealing with business, contractual and customer/supplier matters in relation to the project. 

The Project Business Team includes all or part of the following seconded functions:

  • Business & Performance Manager, leading the team 
  • Project Control staff 
  • Domestic Commercial Operations staff 
  • Export Contracts Managers 
  • Procurement Managers 
  • Finance Controllers

The Procurement Managers and the Finance Controllers report respectively to the Procurement Executive and the sector Financial Controller. The latter are involved by their representatives in the team for important and/or difficult issues. The domestic commercial managers, the export contract managers and the project controllers who are seconded to the team report to their home functions.