This isn’t your regular 9-5. This is making a difference.

Throughout the life cycle of our products, a multitude of skill and expertise is required. At MBDA our Business & Support function covers a wide range of disciplines from HR and Finance, to Sales & Business Development and Communications. Each one integral to our continued growth and an essential part of our success.

Our innovative and dedicated teams combine their expertise to ensure we stay at the forefront of innovation and remain competitive. Whether this is ensuring we have the right people strategies in place, developing sales opportunities in international markets, defining and managing our external communications, or ensuring our facilities are secure, safe, and comfortable. 

No matter what role you are interested in, you can make a difference at MBDA.



Our Business & Support opportunities fall under the following disciplines:

  • Human Resources
  • Sales & Business Development
  • Information Management
  • Finance
  • Quality
  • Improvement
  • Communications / Marketing
  • Occupational Health
  • Facilities
  • Security 



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Human Resources

Having the right people strategies in place remains key to our continued growth in a competitive market place. Human Resources works in partnership with the business to meet its objectives through its people.
HR support both the employee and people management needs of the business from welfare through to personal development and performance, including the design and implementation of policies and procedures concerning the workforce as a whole.

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Sales & Business Development

Sales and Business Development is an international integrated team responsible for winning contracts. They identify and develop existing and future businesses in order to position and reinforce MBDA leadership on weapon systems.

The SBD team is formed of the following departments:

This team explore opportunities with regard to the export market and promote MBDA’s products abroad. 

By providing an effective trans-national commercial function and an optimised bid management service for proposals and contracts, our Commercial Operations are responsible for the commercial integrity of the complete bid.

This team focus specifically on developing sales opportunities with UK customers.

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The Finance team is responsible for ensuring that complete, accurate and consistent financial data is available both within and outside the company. It must ensure that the data is produced in an orderly and efficient manner in order to:

  • Produce compliant, comprehensive, accurate and transparent financial statements
  • Comply with all relevant corporate, financial, accounting, fiscal and legal requirements
  • Give a true and fair view of the financial position of company

The Finance team is an international integrated team formed of the following departments:

  • Bid and Contract Evaluation
  • Project Financial Control
  • Cost Control
  • Accounting and Reporting
  • Treasury

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Information Management (IM)

The Information Management team is responsible for ensuring that MBDA has the right technology in place to enable our employees to work efficiently and effectively.
Our teams support the following:

  • Networks
  • Hardware and Software
  • PC / laptops
  • Data organisation, storage and back up
  • Applications
  • Fixed phones
  • Mobile phones
  • Videoconference
  • OCS – online communication system (instant messaging)
  • Remote access
  • Internet access

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The Quality Directorate has accountability across all of MBDA to establish common company quality strategies, policies and principles, and to guide the business towards a truly harmonious set of company processes. They also lead product quality assurance across the business, aiming at integrating product assurance policies, processes and practices for the benefit of national and multinational projects.

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The aim of the Improvement Directorate is to provide MBDA with a managed and integrated structure to improve Operational Excellence.

  • The Improvement Directorate has full responsibility for:
  • Defining and managing a global project architecture in order to serve shared and ambitious objectives
  • Ensuring the delivery of major transverse improvement projects
  • Covering the four countries
  • Strengthening synergies between the three countries already integrated
  • Involving Germany progressively to prepare the integration process
  • Addressing the consistency of local improvement initiatives across the countries and directorates

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Communications / Marketing

The Communications Directorate is organized
into six areas of expertise:

Media Relations
To strengthen MBDA’s strategic position, profile and reputation in the relevant media in consistency with Group mission, vision and values.

Brand & Business Communications
To define and manage the communications plan to support Sales & Business development strategy and promote the Group’s position and key messages.

Internal Communications
To manage all Internal Communications tools and actions in accordance with Group objectives in order to contribute to employees’ sense of belonging.

Digital Communications
To provide digital platforms, tools and content
according to MBDA’s external and internal
communications strategy.

Exhibitions & Image
To organise the company’s participation at major international shows and exhibitions to support the Sales and Business strategy and ensure the consistency of MBDA’s visual identity.

Customer relations
To support the Sales & Business Development
Directorate and the MD office in managing
delegations and site visits in Italy.

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Occupational Health

This directorate provides a Proactive Health and Wellbeing Service within MBDA. Staffed by qualified nurses, this team provides screening services to those employees who work with hazardous substances and technical advice on issues related to health at work.

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Facilities Management touches every MBDA employees working life each day from the moment they arrive on site to when they leave to go home. The team provides a balance between being energy efficient, effective and cost conscious whilst delivering the best working environment we can, which enables employees to work in safe, comfortable and well supported spaces.

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Security Vetting

This is a crucial area of business which supports the delivery of security cleared personnel to work within the organisation, working closing with the UK SV.

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Paramount to the safety of our business, assets and employees.

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