Equal opportunities


MBDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and believes that diversity strengthens the Company. We seek to recognise and value the differences between employees by building teams that reflect the markets and communities in which we operate. This drives innovation and helps us maintain a competitive advantage.

A recognised strength of MBDA is its cultural diversity born from the National and Geographical range of the business. We seek to recruit and further develop a culturally diverse workforce where people bring different but complementary values, attitudes, talents and knowledge to their jobs.

No potential candidates or employees will receive different treatment because of criteria such as race, colour or nationality, ethnic or national origin, religious belief or affiliation, sex, sexual orientation, marital or family status, age, current or past disability, Trade Union membership or activity.


  • to demonstrate and ensure fair and equitable treatment for all employees and candidates for employment, to ensure that the practices and procedures adopted meet the statutory and legal obligation whilst continuing to meet the business need
  • to achieve a close match between the company's labour requirements and the skills and experience available in the cross-section of the potential labour market, so that the best possible use could be made of Human Resources.

We also recognise that our commitment to equality and diversity is an ongoing process. That means being vigilant, monitoring exactly how well we are doing, ensuring that our managers are trained appropriately, identifying gaps where they exist – and responding with effective solutions. In this way, we will continue to build an environment conducive to mutual respect, personal growth and professional excellence.