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Customer Support & Services (UK) Transformation Lead


MBDA recognises talent and I have seen for myself how people have taken opportunities to push themselves and succeeded.

I am a member of the IET and a Chartered Engineer. I joined British Aerospace (a predecessor to MBDA) as they sponsored me through my degree course.  I was looking for a mix of university course and industrial experience and this option offered both. As the Transformation Lead, I am leading activities to improve how we work, make CSS a better experience for our staff and help provide our customers with better value for money.

I spent several years as an electronics and systems design engineer before moving into Project and then Functional management and then into my current role. My responsibilities have changed over time, some roles involved managing people, and others were indirectly influencing individuals and teams.

Nothing particularly surprised me when I joined but as a female engineer in a man’s world (as it was then) I was always encouraged and made to feel valued and welcome. The best things now are the variety of work and working in a company that visibly supports diversity, not just in terms of gender.

I have learnt something from every role and experience, even the ones that did not turn out as expected.  You have to be in control of your own career, but MBDA has a lot to offer in terms of informal training and on-line resources. Over the years, I have developed a network of people I can ask for advice rather than a specific mentor.  However, the company has mentors available for those who request them.

MBDA recognises talent and I have seen for myself how people have taken opportunities to push themselves and succeeded. There are always opportunities outside of your day job to gain experience, learn something new and build your network.  For example, I joined a team for a short while to develop the ideas behind Dynamic Working whilst remaining in my usual role. MBDA is a big company and it is sometimes possible to move into a role specifically to develop skills you need to enable you to reach your long-term goals.  If you have a development or career plan, there are always people available to support you. Mobility is a key strength of the company and roles are advertised internally as well as externally. The performance related pay process results in people being rewarded for high performance.

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