The Primary and Secondary Engineer Leaders Awards 2019

MBDA are proud partners of the The Primary Engineer® and Secondary Engineer® Leaders Awards. The Programmes provide an opportunity for young people to interview engineers about their career paths and motivation, using problem solving, literacy and entrepreneurial spirit to create a final invention project.   

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The annual competition which now involves over 23,800 pupils,  really looks to re-address what engineering is beyond the stereotypes. With no limit to creativity, submissions are judged on their ability to solve a problem rather than on their feasibility, cost effectiveness and market potential. This allows for the next generation of engineers to really show their creativity and let their imaginations rule the show whilst highlighting the possibilities engineering really holds. MBDA representatives were invited to help with the judging process and attend the final awards for the East of England.

“The judges ranged from their 20’s to their 70’s and had a wide variety of backgrounds. Despite the differences in both age and experience, the group chose the winners with little disagreements and left with a feeling of inspiration from reading all of the fantastic submissions.

To see the level of awareness in regards to current world problems from students as young as five was really wonderful – from inventing recycling robots to moving tents for the homeless, addressing current societal issues was a big theme for this year entries.  It was great the see the depth of understanding about some of the real problems people face with inventions that turned dirty water into drinking water through a filtration process, which was delivered via drone so that people in remote places could have access to it, glasses that provide an audio description of the surrounding environment to help those who are partially sighted or blind and a machine that helps those who have limited mobility to stand up.

Alongside inventions that tackle big issues within society, there were also some incredibly creative ideas for more specific problems encountered by the young people themselves. One that really stuck with me was a solar powered robot goal keeper, which could help with football training and provide a partner for when children were playing by themselves! Another which really struck the hearts of the judges was a rotary toy selector which alternated the toy that was chosen at night-time so that all of the toys got equal cuddle time throughout the year. “ – Rebecca, Content Manager, MBDA


Ali, our Early Careers Advisor had the privilege of attending the regional award finals. The overall MBDA winner was the ‘Recharga Traina’ from Year 3 student, Elin.        

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“It was lovely to see the level of creativity and imagination at the East of England exhibition and awards ceremony. Seeing young people from infant school age up to secondary school age become really engaged with what engineering can do and where the future of engineering could take us was really positive - I hope this continues for years to come.” – Ali, Early Careers HR Advisor, MBDA


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