MBDA wins Occupational Health & Wellbeing Award

In a “close-fought” contest, MBDA was the winner of the ‘Occupational Health team of the year (private sector)’ in the Occupational Health (OH) & Wellbeing Awards 2019.

MBDA has more than 4000 people working across its sites in the UK. Since 2016, it has been vastly improving its occupational health and wellbeing service for employees, and its associated training.

Judges were looking for evidence of innovation and achievement, teamwork, leadership, effective use of resources, and contribution to the organisation.

Entering the awards MBDA’s UK Occupational Health (OH) team explained how it; met its objectives; worked effectively to the benefit of its employees and the wider organisation; engaged with staff and stakeholders; and provided the company with the care it requires in a timely and effective way.

Key changes MBDA demonstrated to judges included:

•             Senior leaders and the trade unions actively sponsoring and contributing to monthly health and wellbeing campaigns;

•             Training and support to leaders;

•             Employees recruited to act as health and wellbeing champions;

•             Engagement from 50 mental health first aiders (MHFAs) and 10 mental health “allies”;

•             A new mental health and wellbeing strategy and policy.

All of the work over the past three years has produced a greater awareness of health and wellbeing throughout MBDA resulting in improved employee engagement and satisfaction.

The award judges were said to have been impressed by MBDA’s commitment to gaining senior leadership and trade union buy-in.

Jacqui, OH Manager, said:

“We feel honoured to have been recognised for our commitment to delivering a proactive Occupational Health Service that is well supported by our Leadership Team and Trade Union. This achievement was awarded in part due to positive changes made to the OHW service over the past 4 years.     

It’s a privilege to work for MBDA UK which has been supportive to the changes and development of the OHW service”


You can read more about the Occupational Health & Wellbeing Awards here: