Virtual Induction Launch

This week, we’re trialling a new approach to Company Inductions at MBDA.  With many of our employees working remotely, we will be inviting new joiners to attend a series of virtual talks and presentations, accessible from wherever they are currently working.

The programme includes mandatory sessions, such as Security and Business Ethics, and talks on many other topics, such as how we interact with our customers, both domestic and international, and how we design and develop our products for use across multiple platforms. 


Meet One of Our Induction Presenters: Rob Thornley

Rob Thornley has played a key role in the development of our Company Induction, with a passion for innovation, sharing knowledge and engaging with people from all areas of the business: “It’s really important that staff recently joining the company have a broader understanding of our export market, how we sell equipment and the importance of being competitive in the market place.  Everything we do should always have an exportability angle and it’s our joint responsibility to ensure that the company stay competitive in terms of innovation, capability, performance and price.”

Rob has been involved with the sale of defence equipment for most of his career.  He is currently involved with the Sales and Marketing of MBDA’s weapons mostly to Eurofighter Typhoon and F-35 nations around the world.  This includes air-launched weapons such as the ASRAAM, Meteor, Storm Shadow, Brimstone and SPEAR.

He has worked extensively in the Europe, the Asia Pacific region and North America, and has provided presentations to the Royal Aeronautical Society in the UK, the Singapore Defence Forum, as well as AFARMADE, the Association of Manufacturers of Armament, Security & Defensive Material in Spain.

Rob is an internal trainer at MBDA and also manages Graduates and Apprentices on placements within the sales organisation.  His interests include photography, music, cycling, classic Minis and restoring vintage bicycles.