World Mental Health Day 2020

At MBDA, we appreciate that large periods of 2020 have been hard on everyone. With World Mental Health Day on Saturday 10th October 2020, Andie - one of our Senior Occupational Health Advisors responsible for delivering our mental health and wellbeing strategy - gives us an insight into the support her team have delivered to our people this year.

“I am proud to be part of the Health & Wellbeing Team leading on our Mental Health Awareness at MBDA UK.  

This year we have been supporting employee mental wellbeing during the COVID – 19 pandemic with focused campaigns designed to support psychological and emotional wellbeing. These campaigns have included tips on maintaining good mental health & wellbeing, using well-known strategies such as meditation and relaxation, how to achieve good sleep, eating healthy. We also encouraged employees to reach out for social interaction using a range of communication methods, for example Social Media, video calls, phone calls, text messaging or email. All our campaigns include employee resources for when they may have need a bit of extra support.

As exercising both inside and outside of the home is another well-known strategy for on maintaining good mental health & wellbeing, we ran an exercise challenge encouraging socially distanced teams to compete across all of our work sites.

In the run up to World Mental Health Day we encouraged our people to have a ‘Tea & Talk’ or ‘Coffee & a Catch-up’ with colleagues, friends and family. Encouraging them to start the conversation with “how are you?”

Our prevailing messages remain ‘support each other’, ‘be kind’ and ‘It’s okay to speak about your feelings and thoughts‘.”

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