Being an Engineer For a Day

Our Engineer For a Day Event was created in order to encourage girls aged 12-13 to continue studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects as they progress through their education.

efad 6.jpg

Girls from over 21 schools across Bristol, Stevenage and Bolton took part, spending the day completing the ‘Squashed Tomato Challenge’, speaking to our engineers and learning more about what type of engineering career would suit them. The challenge asked students to design a method of transporting down a mountain in Nepal, without squashing them (or in the context of the event, from a table down to the floor).

EFAD 7.jpg

The day was split into parts to represent the product lifecycle and the girls were able to use their creativity and think of their own designs without any initial engineering ideas provided.

Over lunch the students took a personality-based careers quiz, called "People Like Me", which gave them an insight into which STEM career they'd be suited to. Alongside this, a number of MBDA engineers networked with the young people letting them know how they got into engineering and answering any questions they had.

EFAD 4.jpg


By the end of the day a variety of solutions were produced including a lift, slide, cable-car, and even a Ferris-Wheel (which got a special prize for innovation of course!). Overall, the event was a great success and we are looking forward to next year already!