Celebrating Interfaith Harmony Week 2019

In mark of Interfaith Harmony Week, which promotes harmony between faiths, we asked our employees what faith means to them. With over 3500 employees in the UK we have such a variety of people in terms of backgrounds and faith and are very proud to have such an inclusive and diverse community. 

Mark Slater, Group Director of Air Defence Missiles:

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 "One of the reasons I joined MBDA was because of the diversity of the community that I can work within, I want to live and work as a Christian alongside people of different backgrounds and beliefs. With God’s help I seek to live in his image, and that I do want to spend time with people different to myself, appreciating them, their work, and their passions. I really appreciate the MBDA values, whatever your beliefs, it is really good to know that our company stands on values such as Integrity and Team Spirit."


 Taranjit Shukra, Principal Engineer:

“I am not a person with faith, however I was brought up in the Sikh religion and was surrounded both at school and within my close family by people of different faiths and none. I think an understanding of the different faiths, and actually how similar that all are in many key respects, for example Jesus is accepted as a “divine messenger” in the Sikh holy book, helps us to understand one another. As the world appears to become less tolerant, perhaps this can act as a reminder that we are more alike than we are different.”

Imran Yousaf, Field Support Engineer:

“The Islamic faith is very defining for me. It is a belief system that develops into a way of life and provides its own unique system of logic to explain the phenomena of life around us. Faith in God enables me to be thankful for the blessings I enjoy, and to be patient in times of difficulty, for I believe that nothing can happen without His will. Faith in the Divine Being also prompts me to be more in tune with my soul and to maintain a constant connection through prayer, supplication, and reflection. Ultimately, faith enables me to develop a deeper vision, one which goes beyond the sight of eyes and the signals of my mind.

I have seen interfaith cooperation and understanding practiced in MBDA, especially when doing business with our Export Customers. Projects that host Export Customers in the UK and visit Export Countries go to great lengths in considering faith and cultural aspects. This practice supports our wider business objectives and strategy and reflects MBDA's Code of Ethics.

Interfaith dialogue is not about conversion. While you can learn a significant amount about another religion from books, talking to people who practice that religion about what they believe, what they do and how they feel about it transforms your knowledge and more importantly your understanding. Interfaith dialogue helps society create and do great things as a whole by producing better mutual understanding among the believers of different religions. Diversity can be a great strength, bringing many different views, experiences and outlooks to the table.

Tanika Stewart, HR Advisor:

“For many people, including myself, faith and belief don’t cease to matter when they attend work. My Christian faith encourages me when I need to make difficult choices, and provides a framework for how I approach life and work.  It is encouraging for me to be part of a company where I can be myself at work, and where there is sincere interest in the activities I am involved with which support my faith. I am happy that I can work within a team where the importance of diversity and inclusion is understood, and where there is appreciation for different perspectives. I believe that people can sometimes be worried about saying the wrong thing, but where there is respect and thoughtfulness, dialogue can be a powerful tool for understanding.”

More information about this week is available here