Get Ready to Rumble!

Hosted by MBDA, Robot Rumble is a competition between the local schools in Stevenage and the surrounding areas which encourages young people to utilise their skills in engineering in order to build a robot capable of competing. The competition is made up of three stages; the launch, intermediate and final. Each event is made up of different challenges which increase in difficulty throughout the year and require an innovative approach to be taken.

On the 16th June this year’s competition kicked off with the launch event with 15 schools attending and 80 students taking part. The event started with a presentation from the project manager, head judge and technical expert to take the schools through the expectations of this year’s competition. The schools were provided with the VEX Robotics equipment they will be using throughout the year and the mentors who will be advising them. A two hour building session followed with each team required to build a robot that could complete the slalom challenge. The robot would need to be designed for straight line speed and corner taking, the two hour time constraint tested the team’s critical thinking and communication under pressure.

After the building session every team had managed to get a working robot ready to take on the slalom, each robot was put through test and validation which ensured they met the size constraints and involved a shake test to represent the tests MBDA put their missiles through. Once test and validation was complete the teams had three attempts at the slalom to put in their fastest time. At the end of the day all of the teams had managed to complete the slalom at least once with the fastest time being just over nine seconds.

Robot Rumble 2017_1200x628_Twitter.jpg
Overall the day was a huge success with every team managing to build the foundation of the robot they will take to compete in the intermediate event on the 10th November.



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