Graduate Voice: A Review of The MBDA Finance Scheme

Our award winning Graduate Schemes are not just for engineers! We have a range of business programmes that focus on developing graduates into the managers and decision-makers of tomorrow. Carefully structured, the programmes allow you to experience different aspects of the business and have the opportunity to gain professional qualifications as well as develop your career. Find out what it's like to be an MBDA Finance Graduate with a first-hand review and advice on your application.

What is the best thing about the graduate scheme?

Benefits: The benefits are nothing short of brilliant. Flexi-time allows you to work the hours you want, if you work more than you are expected to as per your contract, you can take up to 15 extra days holiday per year based on time owed, and/or convert it to overtime pay. Schemes like the Car Salary Sacrifice Scheme provide tax benefits on major purchases. These are just a couple of the incentives MBDA provide.

Responsibility: From day one you are here to contribute and gain experience in a variety of roles. There is no expectation for you to know anything when you arrive, but there is an expectation for you to be enthusiastic in your approach to work and developing your skillset.

Learning and Development: MBDA offers a massive amount of training for its staff. From professional accounting qualifications to language courses, there are courses all year round in a variety of subjects and formats. You are even able to organise your own courses for others to attend if you have knowledge to share with colleagues.

What is the worst thing about the graduate scheme?

Secrecy: Given the nature of the company, the majority of work you will be dealing with is sensitive information. So it can become a bit of a conversation killer when someone asks "what are you working on at the moment".

What advice would you give to someone applying for this role?

Application Advice: Previous experience in finance is not necessary. The vast majority of current graduates hold Maths and Science based degrees.Your CV should be fairly standard but applicants often fall off on the application form, failing to put enough effort into the written areas. Be sure to take some time over it and tailor your responses to MBDA. It is obvious when a candidate has just taken something from another application and changed a couple of words.

Interview Advice: The presentation can seem daunting but it shouldn't be. It is a way to showcase your ability to convey a message in front of a group of people, while being able to confidently talk about pre-prepared material.

The group task is showcasing how you deal with finding a solution with others in a time pressured environment. Read through the material carefully, and make sure one of you keeps track of the time


Applications open 1st September 2017. Find out more here.







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