Key Achievements of 2018

As we begin a new year, we reflect on some of the great achievements of MBDA across our home nations during 2018. Every milestone, success and step forward would not have been possible without the commitment and passion from our employees who encompass the very values that have allowed us to continue to grow over the years. 


- Five European forces renews their confidence in the Aster family of missile systems and in Eurosam support.

- MBDA joins other prominent engineering companies in the government Year of Engineering initiative.

- As part of OCEAN2020, MBDA are to study weaponisation of maritime UAVs.

- The British Army 16 Regiment Royal Artillery host their Sky Sabre open day with Land Ceptor making up a key component of the new defence system.

Sky Sabre.JPG

- MBDA hosts the finals of their student competition Robot Rumble.

robot rumble.JPG

- The final donations from our 2017 charity ball are collected and the £187,000 raised is given to well-deserving UK charities.


- MBDA invests venture capital in CERBAIR as part of the strategy to develop innovative and adaptive systems to defeat drone threats.

- France announces that it will accelerate deliveries of MMP to the French Army.

- The Luftwaffe test Taurus cruise missile from Tornado at Overberg test range in South Africa.



- MBDA and Lockheed Martin collaborate to create TLVS GmbH - the joint venture that will deliver the future of air and missile defence to the  German Bundeswehr.

- The first launch tube for MMP land attack missile is produced in Australia.

- Brimstone strike weapon backed by new £400m contract from the UK Ministry of Defence which sees the missile manufactured beyond 2030. The contract secures 130 jobs and sustains a further 270.

- The great achievements of our employees during 2017 are celebrated at the annual MBDA Business and People Awards.

business and people awards.JPG


- MBDA and Lockheed Martin complete qualification trials of CAMM from the ExLS launcher.



- Sea Ceptor officially enters service on the Royal Navy’s fleet.

- Land Ceptor completes its first successful firing trial ahead of entering service with the British Army in the early 2020s.

 Land Ceptor Sweden.JPG

- The MMP missile sets a new range record of over 5000 metres.


- MBDA equips the Licorne pocket C2 with anti-drone capability.


- MBDA and Milrem Robotics join forces to create the world’s first anti-tank unmanned ground vehicle, utilising the MMP missile, IMPACT turrent and THeMIS UGV.

- MBDA proudly supports the RAF Museum’ three new exhibitions in London.

RAF Museum.JPG


- Team Tempest is announced at Farnborough Airshow with MBDA providing its complex weapon expertise.


- Brimstone to provide the Royal Air Force’s new Protector RPAS with a high weapons loadout.


- MBDA awarded Gold in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

gold ers.JPG

- The Royal Air Force’s 17 Squadron start flying F-35 stealth fighter jets armed with ASRAAM.

f35 asraam.JPG


- Future Land Indirect Fires are unveiled at DVD 2018 – a set of concepts that leverage technologies from the UK Complex Weapons Portfolio in order to provide novel surface-to-surface precision strike capabilities for land forces.

new offerings.JPG

- MBDA employees conquer the Three Peaks Challenge raising £10k for charity.


- TAURUS Systems GmbH, a joint venture of MBDA and SAAB are contracted to overhaul Spanish air launched cruise missiles.

- MBDA open a new office in Warsaw, Poland as part of the plan to build long-term partnership with Poland in order to deliver key sovereign defence capabilities to the Polish Armed Forces.


- MMP 5TH generation land combat missile system is cleared for desert operations and future naval applications.

- MBDA introduces its new naval offering based on MMP, following the recent firing successes made by the French naval forces.



- The Ministry of Defence release the Defence Equipment Plan highlighting the benefits of our unique partnership – providing over £2b in savings while delivering world leading defence equipment such as Sea Ceptor, Brimstone, Meteor and ASRAAM.

- MBDA accredited with Gold in the Investors in People Award.


- MBDA awarded the development contract of the next generation MICA missile for arming French Rafales with first missiles becoming available in 2026.


- Gripen E flies with Meteor for the first time as part of the weapon integration test programme in Sweden.


- MBDA complete the first launch of the MARTE ER multi-platform anti-ship missile.

- The MBDA charity dinner 2018 raises over £210,000 for UK charities.

charity dinne.JPG

- MMP Land Combat missile endorsed by PESCO.


- Meteor flown operationally in the UK airspace for the first time.

 RAF Meteor.JPG

- Sea Venom successfully carried out its third development firing in the Mediterranean.