Three Peaks Charity Challenge Success

Last weekend 125 employees from MBDA took on one of Britain's toughest challenges to raise over £10,000 for charity. Teams from Stevenage, Bristol and Bolton tackled the Three Peaks Challenge which is to climb the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales, and drive between them, in a race against the clock.


​The challenge begun in the early hours of Saturday morning as the teams set off to tackle the highest peak in the UK, Ben Nevis. They started their 1300m ascent and rose with the sun up the mountain path. At the summit, they were treated to a rare sight - a clear view of the Scottish highlands, but no time to enjoy the view as they were straight back down and back into the minibus to drive to the next peak.


​Approaching Scafell Pike, England's highest mountain, it was clear that the glorious weather was left behind in Scotland. A very steep ascent in wet, dark and stormy conditions required teamwork and perseverance to ensure no time was lost.


The only respite from the weather lay at the bottom of the mountain in the minibuses that became the hikers homes for the weekend, unfortunately as the challenge progressed, with an increasing aroma of perspiring feet.
​The walkers were driven through the night by a team of dedicated drivers who volunteered their weekends to ferry them safely between the mountains. In the early hours of Sunday morning, the teams arrived at Snowdon, Wales. With aching bodies, weary and low on sleep, the adventurers stepped out into the void for the final leg of the challenge.


The conditions on Snowdon were no better than Scafell with 50mph winds and sharp horizontal rain battering them. Yet they continued and one by one the triumphant teams made it to the bottom of the mountain full of pride having completed their Three Peaks Challenge.


We are incredibly proud of  the efforts from the MBDA Teams and the fundraising they have done which will benefit the following charities:

  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • It's in the Bag
  • Garden House Hospice