Top 10 Application Tips From MBDA Graduates

In preparation for our 2017 programmes opening on the 1st September, we have collected some first-hand advice from our current graduates. We’ve compiled the best tips on everything from writing initial applications to interviews and assessment days, from those who have succeeded in this process.

What can you expect as a graduate in MBDA?

With more than 93% of our current graduates saying they’d recommend their programme to a friend, you can expect an enjoyable, challenging and rewarding start to your career. We have graduate programmes in both engineering and business areas, with a great range of benefits including a bonus scheme, opportunity for further study and flexi-time.

Top 10 Tips        

1. Make sure you research the background of the company and understand who MBDA are and what they do exactly, aIMG1.jpgs well as interesting facts and figures.

2. Try to talk about what you have done outside of university e.g. extra-curricular activities as well as your academic achievements.

3. Make every word count on your application; look into core values of the company and give as many different examples of your skill set as possible.

4. Cater your application to the role you are applying for and MBDA instead of putting generic answers.

5. Practice competency based questions before your interview and have scenarios prepared where you can display certain skills.

6. Don’t be nervous – everyone is human and the people interviewing you will most likely be your colleagues day-to-day, so remember they aren’t out to get you.

7. In team activities, don’t try to just lead the whole session – A big part of MBDA is team work and they like to see your ability to work well with others.

8. Be yourself and don’t worry about making a mistake. We all get tongue-tied every now and again.

9. If you’re asked to do a presentation, make sure you practice and know enough about the topic to be asked questions on it.

10. As a graduate, you won’t be expected to know all about the technical side of MBDA products so try not to ‘wing it’. Be honest and try to apply basic principles to questions.

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