We're a Global Player

Japan, Australia and Sweden are just some of the places that our business has taking some of our international teams recently, to experience new cultures and business environments.We’re a global player and a key part of our strategy is to expand our global footprint to cement our place as not just a market force but the world leader. This takes our teams places!

Part of this is an action-packed exhibitions calendar where we showcase our sophisticated defence capability to armed forces around the world. Recently we enjoyed the MAST maritime defence exhibition in Japan, IDET expo in the Czech Republic and Avalon air show in Australia. The teams love sharing our advanced technology with new people in exciting places.

Closer to home, European air shows such as Le Bourget in Paris and Farnborough in the UK are great opportunities for them to not only share our products, but also to enjoy some amazing air displays!

Global player infographic_L.jpg
Our organisation is also structured across Europe, so many of our teams have the opportunity to work across France, Italy, Germany and Spain, and enjoy sharing some of the cultural highlights of Europe with their colleagues. This makes for fascinating business as we work to ensure we meet the needs of our armed forces in Europe – which has seen us adopt a multinational approach to our programme management, setting up bespoke centres of excellence to concentrate our specialisms across the UK and France.

To support our teams, we offer on-site lunchtime language learning, one to one tutoring and a whole host of development options so that our experts can take their careers in the direction they want to.

If you’re looking for a career that can take you places and a challenge where you can enjoy new cultures, there’s never been a better time to explore our roles. You can find them here