EMC: MBDA maintains an accredited (UKAS) EMC test facility to evaluate the performance of missiles, launchers and other equipment when operated within extremely severe (customer defined) electromagnetic environments.

Radiation Effects: MBDA provides design assurance and maintains an in-house test capability to meet Radiation Effects requirements.


Structured training may include a variety of disciplines such as:

  • Principles of non-ionising (EMC) and ionising Radiation Effects for design, protection and testing.
  • Hands-on testing with support from a highly skilled and capable team.
  • Training and mentoring to gain competencies to perform testing independently.
  • Knowledge of standards and their application.
  • Development to provide in depth understanding of a specific test which can develop into a specialism.
  • Potential involvement in internal research activities (depending on current research programme).

The work consists of practical and mental tasks that are tailored to the skills of the individual.

Individuals are expected to direct (within bounds) their development to pursue a meaningful and satisfying placement.

Each individual will receive specialist mentoring to further their development programme.

Suitable candidates

The EMC and Radiation Effects group is looking for individuals with a mixture of basic physics and electronics knowledge who intend to pursue a career in test, evaluation and consultancy with drive and ambition to develop technically in the field of EMC and Radiation Physics.

Academic Background

A graduate or undergraduate studying a Bachelors or Masters in Electronic Engineering, Physics or related subject.

How to apply

The following search criteria allows you to find what opportunities are available based on your particular degree and desired programme. You can search our vacancies by selecting your degree subject and development programme of interest below. Please note you can only select one degree subject and one programme, so please choose the options most relevant to you.

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