The Objectives

As a result of this programme delegates will:

  • Recognise their own career drivers and priorities
  • Understand how personality type might influence their performance Receive feedback on their strengths and weaknesses from managers, peers and colleagues
  • Understand the roles and career options at MBDA
  • Experience examples of career case studies and be aware of the mechanisms used within MBDA to monitor performance and track careers
  • Gain knowledge about professional qualifications and how they relate to status within the organisation
  • Develop a method for career path planning that allows them to define goals

The Outcomes

As a result of this programme MBDA can expect the following outcomes:

  • Improved self-awareness of areas of strength and for development
  • Increased clarity of longer term career plans amongst graduates
  • Enhanced focus on the areas that will be essential to sustain a successful career in the future
  • Transparency on the pathways to achieve career progression within MBDA