Course Objectives

Be A Confident Influencer

Identify the situations when influencing others is appropriate and practice strategies to influence for different reasons

Pick Your Communication

Identify the most effective process for communication challenges and build stronger levels of communication within your working relationships

Engage In Negotiations

Choose appropriate negotiation techniques and prepare to negotiate in the context of your role

Get Assertion Right 

Recognise when to be assertive and how to express the appropriate level of self confidence to avoid falling into compliance or confrontation 

Make An Excellent Impression 

Distinguish the aspects of your personal presentation that require refinement and practice refining your professional impact

Lose The Fear Of Presenting 

Demonstrate a presentation of information for an audience and implement feedback received into the relevant  aspects of your performance

Project Management In Action 

Define the critical skills and tools for project management and practice these in a real project environment

Know What It Means To Make A Team Work  

Complete a number of team challenges and identify the critical factors for effective team performance