General FAQs

Who is eligible?

All graduates at MBDA are required to hold UK Security Clearance. To gain this clearance you are required to hold a UK passport and to have resided in the UK for the previous 5 years. If your application to MBDA is successful, we'll need to check your eligibility, which means seeing your birth certificate and/or passport. Security vetting will also be undertaken.

All employees/Apprentices at MBDA are required to hold UK Security Clearance. To gain this clearance you are required to meet the government standard for eligibility. If your application to MBDA is successful, we'll need to check your eligibility, which means seeing your birth certificate and/or passport and educational certificates. Security vetting and medical clearance will also be undertaken. 

Where will I be working? Will I be required to move?

All of our UK vacancies are based in Stevenage, Bristol or Lostock. Depending on the role you may be required to be flexible with travel between sites for meetings, or move permanently for a role or project, but you would be consulted and if the move is agreed you would receive some help to do so.

Will I receive any training?

MBDA is committed to providing comprehensive training for all our employees and apprentices, both technical and professional.

Everyone who joins us as a graduate will follow our accredited professional development scheme with the aim of becoming accredited with the most appropriate professional body.

Will I have the opportunity to work overseas?

We are a European company with customers all over the world. Some of our employees do have the opportunity to spend a short time abroad, although this doesn't happen for everyone.

What hours will I work?

Your contract will require you to work for 37 hours per week. The company operates a flexi time system, which allows you to vary your start and finish times.

What is the dress code?

Typically it is standard business dress for the offices and depending on where you work and what you do, this may be more casual.

Will I be expected to work overtime?

There may be occasions when a specific task or project requires you to work longer hours or overtime. We ask all our employees to be as flexible as possible with shifting workloads, which could on occasions include overnight stays or weekends.

Graduate and Apprentices will generally not be required to work overtime. There may be occasions however, when a specific task or project requires you to work overtime.

How many holidays will I get?

Your annual entitlement is 25 days a year plus 8 statutory and public holidays.

Will I be allowed to take holidays in my first 6 months with the company?

Yes of course. Holiday entitlement runs from January to December (pro-rata), so the amount of holidays you get will depend on when you join during the year.

Will MBDA support me if I want to pursue additional qualifications?

MBDA encourages professional development and some of our employees are supported through higher education. Any request for support for further qualifications will be reviewed in the light of the business need, individual requirements and career development.

I applied before, but was unsuccessful. Will you let me know and can I apply again in the future?

There is no reason why you can't apply again at any time if you were unsuccessful, as long as you can demonstrate that something within your application has changed. 6 months to a year is a reasonable period over which skills can change and improve, and if you can demonstrate this, we will reconsider your application.

What company benefits will be available?

Benefits include:

  • Competitive salaries with regular reviews
  • Pension scheme
  • Private health care scheme
  • Sports and social activities
  • Flexible working hours

Early Careers

What is the closing date for Graduate/Apprenticeship applications?

 Graduates: All Graduate roles are due to close for applications at the end of November.  However, we will close applications early if we have enough successful candidates, so we recommend applying early.

Apprentices: The closing date for applications is end of March.

Will I be doing 'real work'?

At MBDA you will be working on real projects, unlike some graduate schemes in other businesses where you would only be 'shadowing' a worker. This will enable you to gain experience and make a real contribution to the business. 
Apprentices, you will be given real responsibility and ownership over your work as soon as your start.

How is the training scheme structured?

Graduates: As a graduate within MBDA you will follow a two-year early careers programme for Engineering or Business or three-year scheme for Finance, which will provide you with a series of challenging placement opportunities to develop your key technical skills. A placement will typically last between 6 months and 1 year.

Apprentices: You will experience a number of different placements, depending on which programme you choose. 

Can I visit the company before I apply?

At present, we have no plans to make this a standard part of our offering to candidates. We do, however, attend many university and school career events.

How many people are you recruiting this year?

MBDA recruits in excess of 150 Graduates and Apprentices every year. 

Will you pay my expenses if I come to an assessment centre?

We will reimburse reasonable travel expenses dependent on distance travelled by the candidate.

Are there any opportunities to work a secondment?

As part of the Graduate programme some graduates have the opportunity to undertake one placement in an external company. Graduate trainees have experienced placements within the MoD and the Royal United Services Institute in London.

I have not yet obtained my degree; can I still apply to your graduate scheme?

Yes. If you are successful in the interview process, you will receive a conditional offer, which will outline the minimum degree result you will need to take up the position.

I am a mature graduate. Can I still apply through the graduate scheme?

There are no age limits on our graduate programme. The main requirements are that you have the necessary degree qualification and the personal qualities we seek to add value to our business.

Experienced Candidates

I have already applied for one role, can I apply for another?

There is no reason why you can't apply for another role, so long as you can demonstrate that you have the skills to also do another role. Be careful though, applying for lots of different roles that require lots of different skills will only weaken your application overall. Just make sure you log in with the same username and password that you created when you applied the first time around.

I have searched through your jobs, but I can’t find a role that suits me. Can I send you my CV?

We encourage candidates to apply for specific jobs rather than applying speculatively so we can track your application. If you can’t find a suitable vacancy we suggest you keep an eye on the website or you can email your CV to resourcing@mbda-systems.com with a covering letter and we will store your CV for any future roles that may become available. Please bear in mind that we do get a lot of interest as such may not be able to reply to all of you.

I have changed my email address since I applied, how will you contact me?

Make sure that you keep your contact details current by logging in. One of our main routes to contact you is via email, so if we don’t have your correct address then we won’t be able to get in touch. Please also ensure that you provide us with an up to date telephone contact number.

I know someone at MBDA and they referred me. Can they benefit from this?

If you are referred by an employee then they can qualify for a reward under our Employee Referral Scheme, should you be successful in obtaining a role with us. You will need to ask your friend/family member etc to submit your CV, and further info, following the MBDA Employee Referral/Bounty Scheme process, so you need to make sure you talk them through the position you are interested in (terms and conditions apply).

Do you sponsor visa applications?

Due to the nature of our business and security restrictions that are applied, we are unable to sponsor any visa applications. UK SC clearance must be gained for all roles based in the UK.

Please see Security Requirements for more information.

I have a disability and have certain requirements to enable me to attend an interview. Would I still be considered?

Of course you will still be considered. We are an equal opportunities employer and will ensure that every reasonable adjustment is made to enable candidates to attend interviews. Just let us know in advance what adjustments you need us to make for you.

Do you provide interview feedback?

We aim to provide interview feedback within three working days of the interview, however, there are occasions where a decision may be delayed, but we would keep you informed if that was to be the case.