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Engineering Overview

Engineering focuses on the core elements of our business – designing and producing our missile systems. Our engineers sit at the very heart of our business, playing a critical role in delivering the products and technology necessary to meet our customers' needs and MBDA's future business strategy.

As a trusted partner of the UK Ministry of Defence, our relationship with the UK military spans back over 70 years. We’ve delivered countless landmarks in defence engineering, supplying vital defence capability to meet the needs of the armed forces over land, sea, and air.

From seekers to warheads, requirements to integration, missiles to launchers, our engineers ensure that MBDA's products remain at the forefront of technical innovation and deliver competitive advantage to our sovereign nations and export partners alike.

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Our disciplines

Software Engineering

MBDA has a long-standing capability in missile embedded software, responsible for all aspects of missile behaviour during operation. Software is prevalent in most subsystems including the weapon control unit, actuators, seekers and datalinks. These sub-systems are typically characterised as hard real-time, high integrity requiring both architectural and algorithmically complex solutions.

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Systems Engineering

At its core, each project has a Systems Engineering team considering the whole Systems Engineering lifecycle from Concept to System Acceptance, interfacing directly with the Customer and other stakeholders to develop and deliver a fit for purpose solution. Skills required to support this include SysML, requirements management, functional & physical definition, safety & security awareness, environmental constraints, performance assessment, specification proving and certification.

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Systems Modelling

Simulation & Modelling produces mathematical representations of the characteristics of a real-world system or situation. Mathematical models are executed in a computer to simulate predictions of future system behaviour under a variety of different conditions. This capability is continuously improved through a multi-national research programme.

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Electronic Engineering

The Electronic Engineering function manages the design and delivery of high technology electronic products for our projects. Their expertise includes:

  • On board missile equipment such a weapon controllers, fin actuators, safety systems and data links
  • Firing control units for land, naval and airborne platforms
  • Automatic test equipment
  • Electrical equipment
  • Training simulators
  • Countermeasures equipment
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Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Team develop, design and support mechanical aspects of our products throughout their life-cycle in order to meet the required timescales and cost, while maintaining optimised performance for all current and future MBDA projects. These aspects include:

  • Physical missile & systems product design 
  • Missile mechanical airframes
  • Mechanical, electromechanical, and (small) pyrotechnic sub-systems
  • The management of in-house associated engineering centres of excellence
  • Future preparation through implementing a strategic approach to innovation, technology, modularity, skills and investment across MBDA customer. 
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Engineering at MBDA

Emily, Senior Software Engineer

“My job mostly consists of writing test definition scripts and scenarios, on the virtual machines or the rig in the lab and analysing the results. I like the variety and mix of desk and lab work, and working within a team”.



Kristian, Senior Lead Electronic Architect

"As soon as I walked through the gates of MBDA that feeling rushed back and I felt safe and welcomed. Over time and depending on project requirements, my responsibilities and workload increased to match my abilities."



Sherina, Senior Support Engineer

"The best thing about MBDA now is Dynamic Working allowing you to maintain a healthy work life balance. I also like the active approach MBDA take towards promoting STEM careers to young people and women in engineering."

"Support for career development has come from many people. Line managers are there to support you during your current role and by having honest conversations about what you are looking for they will try to tailor the placement to encourage your development."



Jack, Senior Software Engineer

“My work very much varies from week to week depending on the stage of the project that I am working on. This can range from working at home, developing code to operating in a lab, integrating software onto a test environment. The work is all planned in a small agile team with a variety of age ranges and backgrounds.” 



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