Story Interview Top Tips

Great news - you’ve been offered an interview. So, what should you do now?

It’s normal to feel nervous ahead of an interview, but we’re on hand to help you prepare and perform your best. Our Resourcing Team has compiled their Top Tips for a successful interview at MBDA:

Before the interview

  • Research! During the interview you’ll be asked what you know about our company. We don’t expect you to know everything, but it’s important that we see you’ve invested time in getting to know what we do and why we do it. We want to know what motivates you to join us.
  • Our corporate values are incredibly important to us. We embody them and live up to them in everything we do at MBDA, and it would be important that you do too. Take your time to understand them, what they mean to you, and any examples that demonstrate how you have previously upheld these values.
  • Understand the role that you are interviewing for. What can you bring to the role and your team?  Why is this role of interest to you? Why is this role a ‘good fit’ for you and your experience? What are your strengths and development areas? What are you passionate about in this role?
  • Know your CV like the back of your hand – it’s your story after all! Be prepared to talk about your previous experience and any relevant qualifications. Make sure you have a copy to hand during the interview.
  • Our interviews are a mix of technical and scenario-based questions, so please be prepared for both. Scenario-based questions could include: “Tell us about a big decision you've made recently”, or “Describe a time when you’ve had to multi-task - how did you prioritise?”. 

If your interview is online:

  • Download the right browser (Chrome, or Safari if using an Apple device)
  • Ensure you have a good internet connection
  • We recommend you log out of MS Teams as this can prevent your sound connecting properly
  • Test your camera and audio to check they are working fine prior to the interview to ensure there are no firewall issues – it may be easier to use a personal device rather than a company owned asset
  • Plan a well-lit, tidy, quiet and comfortable place where there will be no interruptions for the duration of your interview
  • Get camera ready – it doesn’t have to be a suit but dressing smartly even on video will make a good first impression

If your interview is on site:

  • Plan your route and factor in any potential traffic issues to allow sufficient time for your journey 
  • Allow a minimum of 15 minutes for us to complete your ID check and issue your visitor pass before the interview
  • Create a positive first impression – dress smartly, it doesn't have to be a suit!

If your interview is via Collabroom and you are experiencing severe connection issues please contact the Resourcing Administrator who organised your interview and they will be happy to assist.


The Interview

  • Don’t forget to turn your mobile phone to silent.
  • Have a pen and paper to hand in case you’d like to make any notes.
  • An interview is a two-way process. This is as much your opportunity to find out about the company and the environment as it is our opportunity to find out about you. Be curious! Ask questions and gather the information that is important to you.
  • Be enthusiastic! A genuine passion for the role may be what stands you apart from other candidates with similar experience and expertise.
  • Focus on all of those who are interviewing you and not just one person – everyone has an equal input into the outcome. Our interviews are conducted by a combination of department managers and possibly HR.
  • Be concise and specific in your answers. We’re interested in the skills and experience you can bring to MBDA.
  • Don’t focus purely on your technical skill set. We want to get to know you, how you work, and what you value. Fitting well within in the team dynamic is going to be important.
  • Take your time – there’s no need to rush your answers. Breathe, relax, and take a sip of water if you need.
  • A video interview might feel a little strange but try and treat it like you would a face to face interview. Smile and keep focussed on the camera.
  • Most importantly, be open and honest - remember one of our core values is integrity. We’re not expecting you to have all the answers.


Post Interview

  • We provide feedback within 2 weeks following your interview (subject to the date of any final interviews). Be patient – we know you’re eager to hear the outcome but please trust that we’re working behind the scenes to get back to you as soon as we can.
  • If you’ve not heard back after two weeks, please feel free to contact the relevant HR Recruiter for an update (the name will have been confirmed in your interview invite).

And finally, good luck! We're looking forward to meeting you!

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