Life at MBDA: Hear from our People

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Tuesday 18 July 2023

Earlier this summer, colleagues from a range of disciplines took the time to share their experiences with future MBDA job applicants, as part of our series of panel events focussing on different aspects of Life at MBDA.

At MBDA we are proud of the environments we create for our people to feel like they belong, are trusted, and have access to the tools they need to succeed.

Three events were held online, over the same number of weeks in May, via our Meet & Engage platform, with each session hosted brilliantly by our very own Elsie, one of our Early Careers Programmes recruitment team.

Each session was recorded and is now available to view via our MBDA YouTube channel. Find out more, and watch, each session below.


How I’ve Grown

We are proud to offer a plethora of learning opportunities at MBDA and a huge emphasis is placed on individual and team development, as well as creating promotion opportunities within.

In the first of our recorded panel sessions, hear from Matt, Katie and Holly about how the business and their colleagues have helped each of them learn, develop and grow in their time at MBDA so far.


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How I've Grown at MBDA

Why I Switched to Defence

Many of our colleagues joined MBDA from industries outside defence – often with limited knowledge about how it may differ, and where similarities might remain.  

What pre-conceptions did they have? In what ways have they been surprised?

In this video, Danielle, Roger and Andrew share their experiences and thoughts about moving into defence from other industries.

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Why I Switched to Defence

Opportunities Beyond Engineering

As a designer and manufacturer of missiles and missile systems that help protect our nations and our Armed Forces, it is no surprise that our workforce includes thousands of Engineers and Technical Specialists, covering every discipline you could imagine.

In this session though, we focus on the people that help drive our business forward in other ways, and on their experiences of Life at MBDA in functions including Employee Relations, Early Careers Development, and our Special Advisory team.

Watch this video to hear more from Elsie, Amy, Tom and Stephen.  


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Opportunities Beyond Engineering

Opportunities for All

We are experiencing rapid growth in 2023 as a business and have been hiring record numbers of talented, passionate people to help us solve complex challenges in defence.

Like what you heard from our colleagues above and want to join us? Visit our jobs page now to find suitable opportunities, or explore this site to learn more about life at MBDA.