We offer a wide range of ten-month placements in both Business and Engineering areas. These opportunities are available to second year university students who desire to gain real industry experience to support their degree. 

Our programmes provide you with a valuable platform to experience where your career could take you. You will get direct access to projects and be able to utilise skills learnt at university in the real world. 

The schemes follow a tailored structure where you can focus on one specialist area or split your time into two placements to experience different aspects of the business.

Undergraduates receive fantastic opportunities for on the job training and development. Your experience will count towards a professional qualification and often leads to a graduate offer for when you finish university. A 'Buddy' will support you prior to joining and you will have access to our Mentor Scheme during your placement.

Applications open!
We're open for our 2021 opportunities - scroll down for more information or check out the 'Job Search' page in our main menu.

We close for roles once we have received enough applications so if there is a role you like the look of, don't delay!


We provide you with an unrivalled insight into one of the worlds most trusted defence organisations, where you will contribute to real projects as a valued team member.

  • Duration: 10 Months.
  • Start Date: September.
  • Functions: Business and Engineering.
  • Starting Salary: £18,000
  • Company Bonus: Annual discretionary payment based on overall business performance.
  • Structure: One ten-month placement or two five-month placements.
  • Entry Requirements: Studying a Business or Engineering degree and on track to achieve a minimum 2.2. Please check the job description when applying as these may vary.
  • Locations: Stevenage, Bristol and Bolton.
  • Qualification: Experience counting towards Chartership.
  • Completion: May lead to a graduate role for when you finish university.


Undergraduates receive continuous support and will be offered a variety of development opportunities.

Online Platforms
You will be able to utlisie some of MBDA's online learning platforms. There is a wide range of training you can do, both personal development and technical knowledge. This will help you to do your job role succesfuly, in addition to improving your skills and knowledge.

On the Job Training
A lot of training undergraduates receive will be learnt on the job. As your time in the company is limited, it is important to start learning from the first day and the best way to do this is by performing the role. Your line manager will understand this and will ensure a significant amount of time is spent on your development.

Department Training
Every department has different needs, depending on what department you join will result in how much training you receive. Your funcion will ensure you have the correct training for your job and have the best opportunities for development.

ECP Forums
The Early Careers community runs regular forums, which is open to all undergraduates. This is a great way to have discussions and network with other Early Careers Members in the business.

STEM & Outreach
There is plenty of activities undergraduates can get involved in, such as events like Robot Rumble, careers fairs and school/university talks. These will aid your personal development, such as communication, mentoring and presentation skills.

Our Opportunities


Our Aerodynamics department has a broad range of multi-disciplinary skills and a wide range of ongoing activities, providing opportunities to work on the entire MBDA UK portfolio from concept phase, through maturation and development, to in-service support.

Applications for placements in Bristol are now open, click HERE to apply.


The Commercial team work across our whole product range and help maintain and enhance the Commercial aspects of the business.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open. Click HERE to apply.

Complex Warheads and Lethality

The Complex Warheads Centre of Excellence is an integrated team situated across sites in Stevenage, Bolton and Paris. They are the design authority for warheads and provide expertise in explosives, target detection and weapon lethality.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are currently open, click HERE to apply.

Applications for placements in Bolton are currently open, click HERE to apply.

Customer Support and Services

Customer Support and Services (CSS) is the MBDA customer focused and customer facing organisation working with the RAF/Army/Royal Navy ensuring our products are ready for action when required. 


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open. Click HERE to apply.


The responsibility of the Electronic Engineering function is to provide MBDA programmes with electronic equipment (for missiles, test equipment and launch systems). The electronic equipment we design ranges from weapon controller units and actuator electronics to telemetry & communication systems.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open. Click HERE to apply.



Our vision in Finance is to operate as one integrated team, which strives to deliver a consistent application of best practice, financial controls and processes, through which we will look to challenge all areas of the business, enhance shareholder value, protect the assets of MBDA and ensure we comply with all national and shareholder requirements.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open, click HERE to apply.

Future Battlespace Solutions

The Weapon Systems Concepts team identifies and defines potential future weapon system concepts, based on anticipated customer requirements and promising future technologies.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open. Click HERE to apply.

Guidance, Control and Navigation

The Guidance, Control and Navigation (GCN) department plays a pivotal role in the concept and life of all MBDA products.  We work on high complexity weapon systems and understand how the various subsystems interact and have a direct influence on design decisions. The algorithms we design lie at the heart of the missile system.


Applications for placements in Bristol are now open. Click HERE to apply.

Human Factors

The Human Factors Department is one of the most experienced in the UK working to understand how people use complex equipment and systems from a cognitive and physiological perspective.


Applications for placements in Bristol are now open. Click HERE to apply.

Integration & Systems Validation (ISV)

This function plays a critical role in the development and proving of MBDA’s new and existing products. This means ISV engineers work on a variety of tasks such as the development of test equipment and test scripts, Integration of prime system equipment and test equipment and analysis and reporting of trials data.


Applications for this function are currently closed.

Missile Architecture

Missile Architects in MBDA are deployed across all of the project teams. They draw upon a range of inputs from around the company to drive a coherent top-level design for our missiles. Typically the team consists of electrical, test, safety and reliability, and mechanical engineers.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open. Click HERE to apply.

Procurement and Supply Chain

The Industrial Policy, Global Supply Chain, & Procurement (ISP) organisation in MBDA consists of an integrated team of over 300 employees, spread across 11 sites, managing over 3000 suppliers. We have a spend profile of approximately €1.7 Billion per year across UK, France and Italy so the need for skilled procurement and supply chain professionals is far greater than ever before, to enable our mission of 100% on time, on cost and on quality to be achieved.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open. Click HERE to apply.

Safety and Reliability

The Safety and Reliability Department are involved in the development of all the Products MBDA produces and are responsible for providing our customers with the evidence and assurance that our Products meet the required levels of Safety and Reliability.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open. Click HERE to apply.


A seeker is the radar unit located at the front of a missile that detects, acquires and tracks targets; it is a key complex weapon sub-system. This team are responsible for the design, development, integration and production of all radar frequency (RF) seekers including dual-mode seekers (RF and electro-optic).


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now open. Click HERE to apply.


Our Sensors department works on projects that cover the full product lifecycle from research, through to early concept phase, to full product design and production programmes.

We cover ElectroOptic (EO) Seekers & Sensors and RF Systems & Datalink technologies with applications covering systems design work, hardware and firmware. Roles typically specialise in EO or RF.


Applications for placements in Bristol are now open. Click HERE to apply.


Simulation and Modelling

System modelling is a vital tool used to ensure MBDA provides high performing, dependable and cost effective weapon systems to our customers.  In simulation and modelling we create dynamic system performance models for MBDA products that are developed and used extensively throughout the product lifecycle from concept through to in service support. When used internally they allow our system designers to estimate performance which they can use to guide the product design. For our customer they provide a method of verifying system performance whilst reducing reliance on prohibitively expensive testing and trials. Once the product is in service our models continue to be used by the customer to understand system capability and assist with operator training.


Applications for placements in Stevenage and Bristol are now open.

To apply for Bristol, click HERE.

To apply for Stevenage, click HERE.


The Software team at MBDA deliver software for the next generation of weapons in an ever evolving environment - to support those on the battlefield.  Our teams provide a range of products from high integrity software running on our weapon systems, to mission planning solutions integrated into a complex battlespace arena.


Applications for placements in Stevenage are now closed.

Systems Design

Systems Design Engineers work within the design community, defining the specifications for developing missile and weapon systems within either the Missile Design or Weapon System Design divisions. We deliver systems engineering at each stage of the product development life-cycle ranging from understanding the required system behaviours, system design and specification, through to integration, test, and analysis of achieved system performance.


Applications for Bristol and Stevenage are currently open.

To apply for Bristol, please click HERE 

To apply for Stevenage, please click HERE


Weapon Systems

Our Weapon Systems Teams, based in Stevenage and Bristol, offer a range of roles.


Applications are currently open.

To apply for Algorithm and Performance, based in Bristol, click HERE.

To apply for Simulation and Experimentation, based in Bristol, click HERE.

To apply for Network Communications, based in Bristol, click HERE.

To apply for Cyber Security, based in Bristol, click HERE.