MBDA partners with Code First Girls

Thursday 23 November 2023

This year, we proudly launched our partnership with Code First Girls and want tell you more about this great new venture, including sharing the views of Georgia, our first employee to join us from the programme.


About Code First Girls

Code First Girls is a social impact organisation dedicated to transforming tech by providing the skills, space and inspiration for women to become developers, data scientists, and future leaders across a range of industries globally.

Partnering with Code First Girls is another vital step towards fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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Meet Georgia

Georgia is the first person joining us from Code First Girls, starting as a Software Engineer in the Manufacturing Intelligence Systems team – part of Test Software UK. Read on below to hear more about Georgia's experiences in her own words. 

What led you to Code First Girls?

“Before MBDA, I worked in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for nearly eight years, working with inhalers and multiple blood plasma-based products.

“Alongside my job, I started doing a course in Cyber Security; I really enjoyed learning how to code and how to create different projects to fit certain specifications.

“I wanted to improve my knowledge and go further into the coding/software world, so I started looking for other courses and found the CFG degree course, specialising in Full Stack, and thought I’d apply and see where it went.”


What did your course involve?

“The course was 16 weeks long and involved two-hour lessons every evening Monday to Thursday. There were also weekly graded assignments to be completed within the week. There were three further assessments throughout the course and a final group project based on Full Stack.

“The course was split into two sections – a foundation part and a specialisation part:

“The foundation section was nine weeks long and covered SQL, Python and JavaScript languages, Git & GitHub, debugging and unit testing. There were two assessments, one theory and one practical.

“The Specialisation section was six weeks long. It covered HTML, CSS, NodeJS, ReactJs and more JavaScript.  Another assessment followed, again split into a theory and a practical part. Additionally, there was a group project where a website based on ReactJS was created. This was presented to other members of the course and representatives from the sponsoring companies.”



Why did you choose MBDA as an employer preference?

“The description for the role on the CFG website sounded really interesting. I felt like it was a pathway within Software engineering that I wanted to pursue. Having the opportunity to work on the back end and with micro-services and Kubernetes sounded too good to pass up.

 “I thought it would be an exciting opportunity. The projects that MBDA works on are world-class. With MBDA’s desire to be one of the best in the business, I felt that drive resonated with me well.

“As a company that was ranked as a Best Big Company to Work For in 2022, and in The Sunday Times’ Best Places to Work this year, it shows that they are invested in the employees as well as the company as a whole. As a result, there will be multiple opportunities to grow and develop within the company.”


How was the recruitment/interview process with MBDA?

“The interview process was surprisingly calm and stress-free. The interviewers, Keith and Rebecca, made me feel very relaxed and welcomed.

“Before the interview started, I was shown some of the products that MBDA has made/developed over the years - it was great! I saw Keith and Rebecca’s passion for the company and for what MBDA does. It made me feel even more determined to do well in my interview.

“During the interview, I felt like the interviewers were engaged with what I was saying and why I wanted the role and to be a part of MBDA. I came out of the interview with a massive smile on my face!”


How have your first few weeks at MBDA been?

“They’ve been good! Everyone has gone out of their way to help me. It has been really nice to feel this as a new starter within a company. The company has put lots of measures in place to help with training so that I am at the right level, and to help me feel like a valued member of the team.”


Experience Life at MBDA for yourself

Are you looking for an opportunity in Software (or elsewhere) within MBDA?

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Want to find out more about the training / re-training opportunities through Code First Girls? Visit their website (external link) via the button below.

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