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Systems Engineering
Together. We’ll stay at the forefront of systems design.

Solve unique challenges while pushing the limits of technology

Systems Engineering brings our biggest ideas to life. From the very start of our vital projects all the way through to delivery, our team are there – translating customer requirements into defence solutions that are trusted around the world. The complex work we do is right at the forefront of technology. Together, we’re taking it even further.

Collaborating with experts across MBDA and around the world, we’re tackling challenges right at the cutting-edge of technology. We’re pushing ourselves, and supporting each other, to deliver to the very highest standards. And because we’re only as good as our experts, we’re empowering them to sharpen their skills and take their careers in fascinating new directions.

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Systems Vacancies 

Meet our Missile Design team

Hear from members of our Missile Design team about what they enjoy about their work and the culture here at MBDA.

Our teams

Missile Design

Missile Design UK is the Division responsible for deploying, sustaining and developing the combination of skilled resources, infrastructure, tools and process that enable the UK business to design Missile Systems. It's important. We strive every day to be better at it and enjoy doing so, together.


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Weapon Systems Design

If it is not a missile but supports a missile getting to its target, Weapon System Design probably does it, and supports it from conception to its out-of-service date.

We have a mission to maximise the effectiveness of our missiles for the end users by providing intelligent Command and Control, Networked Weapons and Mission Planning Systems.

The future is to provide the user with the ability to exploit collaborative weapons and co-ordinate weapons of different types to maximise effect against the toughest opposition be it in the air, on the ground or at sea.

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Seekers & Datalinks Systems

Seekers play a vital role in our weapons systems and are integral to  guided missiles. The main functionality of a seeker is to detect and track targets in order to  provide high precision tracking data for guidance.

Our seekers are highly complex systems and employ cutting edge technology to deliver the performance needed. We use Systems Engineering methodologies and tool sets to manage all aspects of systems design and development.

The missions and responsibilities of our teams are to: 

  • Support Programmes through Strong Technical Solutions for Seeker
  • Lead UK Capability in Future Seeker Technologies across the Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Provide Overall Datalink Systems solutions to Projects
  • Develop an entity capable to compete with other RF sensor manufacturers, in line with the MBDA Make Buy strategy;
  • Ensure technical excellence in Seeker and Datalink Systems' skills, whilst minimizing technical risks, in all MBDA products throughout the business life cycle and preparing for the future by implementing a strategic approach to innovation, technology, modularity and skills.




The modelling team typically develops and integrates system and subsystem models created within or outside the department to support various stakeholders.

These include Performance Engineers, Weapon Systems Simulators in Synthetic Environments, In-Service Support teams, customer training and engineering teams looking at new / improvement product concepts.

Working as part of the Simulation & Modelling team would provide you the unique opportunity to experience engineering at a product level for multiple projects, giving you a broad view of the various technologies within our products and their application in various defence platforms.


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Our Engineering Project Managers makes sure our programmes are delivered on time, within budget and to the highest of quality standards.

Project Manager / Planner roles will likely include responsibilities such as:  

Project Health -Validation of individual Project assessments and identification of issues and risks within the Project assessments for discussion with the project.

Schedule Assessment - steering the validation of Project level schedules as accurate, coherent and in accordance with the Programme planning principles.

Integrated Baseline Management - Leading the generation of the Integrated Baseline schedule in order to successfully deliver the programme in accordance with planning principles.

Costs to Go (and associated EAC) - validation of Project level costs to go as accurate and appropriate, including assessment of outlying forecasts, to support the EAC.

Risk and Opportunity Management - Leading all Schedule Risk Analysis across the Projects where SRA is appropriate.

New Business - Active involvement in Bid Team activity, ensuring the Project Management ‘basics' are appropriately considered and implemented.


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What our people are saying

Leanne, Senior Principal Engineer

“Every team I’ve been on works well together and supports one another.”

Richard, Head of Missile Design UK

"This is forensic physics, cutting-edge science. Nobody else is doing it.” 

Peter, Chief Systems Engineer - Land Ceptor

“The managers actively help you grow, whether it’s through formal training or different experiences.”