Apprentice Tip #3: "Communication"

Wednesday 8 February 2023

This week on our National Apprenticeship Week blog series, we’ve already heard from Amy and Lewis. To round things off, below are some valuable insights from MBDA apprentice Katt.

How long have you been at MBDA? What led to you joining?
I have been at MBDA for 15 months, working as an apprentice in Operations (Manufacturing) at our site in Bolton. The opportunity to join the company was attractive to me because of the job benefits, the learning opportunities, and the reputation that MBDA holds. 

Are there any particular opportunities you’ve taken advantage of since joining MBDA?
After starting at MBDA I made sure to get involved in as many external opportunities as possible; such as an Early Careers Placement for 3 months, the Sports and Social Club for Bolton, and volunteering for charity events.

Perhaps the most exciting experience I have had is being able to get involved in numerous different awards evenings. Some I have volunteered to work in and some as an invited guest.

Any tips for getting the most out of an MBDA Apprenticeship?
I would recommend getting involved in as much as possible - volunteer for different events and let your name be known. Communicate with as many people throughout the company as possible and build your network. Also make sure to ask plenty of questions, and don’t be shy!


Tell us about your colleagues
Since joining MBDA I have been pleasantly surprised by how helpful everyone has been, and understanding. The people I work with are always willing to help and guide me when I am unsure about something. They are understanding in my ability as an Apprentice, but still push me to my limits.

What has been your experience of Dynamic Working?
Dynamic Working for Operations Apprentices is mainly focussed around flexible hours, such as being able to start work at a time that suits you between 7:00-9:30am. Then, provided you work your contracted hours, being able to work earlier/later to finish your shift. I sometimes finish at dinner time on a Friday by working extra hours throughout the week.

Applications for our 2023 Early Careers Programmes are currently drawing to a close, so make sure to check them out and apply today if you think you could fit in with our other incredible apprentices and colleagues at MBDA.